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Sadhna is AMAIZING! I came in with my mom, who is going through chemo, to get her Eyebrow Threading. Sadhna is so nice, and extremely talented. She understood the situation and helped us create the best look possible!

I absolutely recommend her. And will come to her every time.
Her prices are very sensible.
Same day appointments are OK.

Sonia Sharma
Jacksonville, FL

Oh my where have I been? Under a rock? This place is amazing!!! I cannot wait to go back to finish my brow shaping. I wish I would have a done a before and after. My brows have not looked this good in ages! Seriously -- ages!! I will have that perfect brow by summer for sure!

Oh -- not to mention the owner is super nice and has the sweetest Indian set up yet. I have been to threaders from NY, Mia, Chicago, LA even Fresno!! This place is incredible. This is a dream place not just because of the fun shopping you can do but you will leave with eyebrows that is you will love!!

In short: GO HERE NOW! #WorthIt

Nancy Deol
Jacksonville, FL

Sadhna is my fav! She is been doing my brows for over 4 years and I am always satisfied! Very nice and friendly salon def would recommend them to everyone! Check them out for yourself and thank me later

Ani Campbell
Jacksonville, FL

This is the only place that I will go to for my threading and brow tinting. I go on Sundays, do not have to wait, and my favorite lady threads my brows perfectly. They are never too thin and always look great. Not sure about all the bad experiences from other ladies but I would not go anywhere else. I love the multi cultural feel of all the different women coming here to feel pretty again.

Jenny H
Jacksonville, FL

You will not find any other place who does a better job with threading for so cheap! Every time I have gone the wait has not been too bad and wax services are quick and not very painful.

Emily R
Jacksonville, FL

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